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Care Tailored To You

Residential Care  gives you the  personal attention in a comfortable, home setting.

Your Tailor Made Senior Service provides care with the  dignity, and compassion needed.


Residential Care ratio  is one on one which sets us apart from larger facilities.

We work closely with families to ensure the highest quality care.


We are committed to meeting the highest professional standard while providing the quality care you or  your loved one deserves at home.

Your Tailor Made Senior Service provides the assistance needed for a rich, full life while remaining as independent as possible.

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Your Tailor Made Senior Services

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Our Story

Your Tailor Made Senior Services

Your Tailor Made Senior Services founders has been providing compassionate senior care to families across the DFW and surrounding area for years.

Our network of professionals is committed to providing families with the peace of mind by providing the best possible in-home care services.

Our commitment to you is simple -

 We will strive for your loved one continue to live at home, and in return you will have peace of mind.



When an elderly adult struggles with their mobility or starts to find that everyday activities are physically challenging, they may worry about losing their independence. At Your Tailor Made Senior Service, we are proud to offer the high-quality at-home care services seniors often need to maintain their independence and extend the amount of time they are able to live in the comfort and familiarity of home.


Companion care covers a set of in-home care services that include essential assistance for older adults or those with disabilities that make certain activities a struggle. Our care plans for the  DFW area generally consist of services that make daily life a safe, comfortable, and enjoyable experience for care recipients. Working with a care provider can be especially valuable for seniors who feel lonely or are at risk of senior isolation. 


You may be feeling overwhelmed about the news of your loved one's diagnosis if it was a more recent event. We can help you find a way forward through a free dementia care consultation. We work to make certain our services evolve along with seniors and support them throughout the stages of different types of dementia.As we get to know more about your loved one's circumstances, we'll lay the foundation for their care.


When you know your loved one just wants to spend their golden years at home, it can be heartbreaking to see them in the hospital.

To help them avoid a repeat hospital stay after their discharge, consider getting started with transitional care services from Your Tailor Made Senior Service


Fall Prevention Program helps seniors prevent slips, trips, and falls at home. By preventing falls, we can reduce seniors' risk of hurting themselves. 

More than 75% of dangerous falls occur in or around the home.


This means that most falls can be prevented by taking precautions at home.


Do your duties as a family caregiver have you feeling overwhelmed? Whether your loved one needs a bit of help with daily tasks or constant supervision, you'll find you need to take a break from supporting them to maintain your own well-being.

If you want to make sure they are cared for while you take time away, you can get started with high-quality respite care services from

Your Tailor Made Senior Service.

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