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Personal Care

Personal Care 

When an elderly adult struggles with their mobility or starts to find that everyday activities are physically challenging, they may worry about losing their independence.

While many seniors move to assisted living facilities for this reason, a move is not a necessity when personal care services are available. At Your Tailor Made Senior Service, we are proud to offer the high-quality at-home care services seniors often need to maintain their independence and extend the amount of time they are able to live in the comfort and familiarity of home.


What is Personal Care?

As one of the most commonly requested types of at-home senior care,personal care includes assistance with an array of basic tasks. However, what distinguishes this care type from companion care, another frequently requested home care type from Your Tailor Made Senior Service, is the focus on physical support.

Personal care is designed to promote the safety and well-being of seniors who are coping with age-related challenges affecting their mobility, balance, or strength. One of the core elements of this care type is offering assistance with activities of daily living, or ADLs.


ADLs include basic tasks that form the foundation of day-to-day life, such as bathing, grooming, and getting dressed, as well as getting up and around to conduct everyday routines.

If your loved one requires direct physical assistance, personal care may be the right choice for their needs. If they are only looking for a helping hand around the house and a bit of social interaction, companion care is likely a better fit.

Examples of services included as part of personal care are:


Support with showering or bathing

Help with dressing and grooming

Help with dressing and grooming

Accompaniment to doctors' appointments

Reminders about medication scheduling

Friendly social interaction and emotional support

Meal preparation and light housekeeping


Getting Started with Care in DFW

Would you like to learn more about our approach to care and the various services we offer?

We provide care consultations free of charge for families in Dallas and beyond. These meetings allow us to get to know seniors and their unique situations while answering their questions and addressing the concerns of their family members.

By the end of this meeting, you'll have a clear idea of which care type is right for your loved one.

Book a no-cost consultation to learn more about

Your Tailor Made Senior Service today!

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